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Our History

Brief history

More than 20 years ago, our company founders, Frankie Cao, Bernoulli Benz and Cristopher Mallis, started their business in a small office in the center of New York City with only $1,000. Three gentlemen had to work extra hard and went extra miles to find customers and persuade loans from banks. The business had gone through numerous ups and downs but they still held their faith. This was the motivation and the key to their success today.
2014 - Start Up
A group of individuals came to educate the public on analytics and data science . The first gathering on data science education.
2015 - Stage 01
Data Science company was founded to provide specialized services in data science and bridge the knowledge gap
2016 - Stage 02
Company operated as an online company with employees and experts working remotely across various part of the country and world
2016 - Steage 03
Gained wider recognition across europe with strong brand reputation and expanded via collaborations and partnerships,
2019 - Today
Acquired new office space to accommodate students for on site training programs, special programs, interns and more staff strength