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Frequently Asked Questions


We are saying thank you to clients who regularly choose our company for business consulting, financial projections, online marketing, architecture design, etc.
Does my company get free admission to the member club?
The Data Science Club has a robust Corporate Membership program that offers a wide range of benefits: The cornerstone is free employee access to our knowledge base and industry information
How can my company get involved at the Data Science Club?
Companies registered under our consulting services will be able to nominate employees to the Club.
What are the marketing opportunities for my company?
Program sponsorship with Data Science Club offers significant philanthropic and marketing opportunities for corporate engagement through the Club’s customized, wide-ranging partnership platform. Programs available for sponsorship include educational activities, exhibitions, performances.
How do I host an event?
At select levels, corporates have the exclusive opportunity to host a Data Science Event.


On the road to success of Businext, the role of our partners are of the great importance. We take partnerships seriously, therefore there are so many benefits and privileges to be brought about through cooperation and union between sides.
How do you run your training
Our Data Science program is run at different levels corporate & Personalised.
Can my company invite you for custom training
Definitely yes. That is one among various privileges of DSA. WE are flexible to offer training and services that meet the requirement of all our clients across different industries.
Does the Personalised training get certifications
We issue certificates for our specialized programs
Do you offer assistance after training
We are willing to offer support to our clients after training to enable them get up to speed.