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We Win When You Win.

We have received many awards and accolades from various prestigious associations throughout our long established history. Each of them marks a memorable time of development and growth to us. The objective is to fill up this exhibition with ever-more certifications and awards. Your confidence in our products and services is the motivation for us to move forward and improve ourselves constantly.
2019 - Recognised by top notch Universities in Africa
Joined forces with to recognised Universities in Africa to be the first to provide Diploma In Applied Data Science
2018 - Certified Trainer for Machine learning and Big Data
First to be recognised & Authorised BigML trainer of Machine learning education in Africa
2016 - Rapidminer Authorised partner
First endorsed RapidMiner Partner to provide consulting services in Nigeria & Ghana
2015 - Pioneering Analytics Education
Pioneering Analytics training in Nigeria and introduction of the widely used data science platform in NIgeria today.
2014 - Founder of Data Science
We became one of the first in evangelising analytics and Data science in Nigeria